Wadworth Refreshes with Wisetiger Website

Wadworth brewery has launched a new Wisetiger designed and built website, as part of a radical refresh of its brand.

Established in 1875, Wadworth is one of Britain’s oldest and proudest breweries. Today, it keeps lost traditions alive, continuing to hand pub signs, and to deliver beer by horse. Its 6X ale has been a staple of bar pumps since it was first brewed in 1923, but with the advent of craft beer, Wadworth faces stiffer competition than ever.

The new website forms part of a radical refresh of its branding, recontextualising the heritage brewer to appeal to modern drinkers, while still trading on its history - a rejuvenation typified by the double A-side slogan “King of the Old Cool - Hard Craft Since 1875”.

Aside from a fresh, responsive design incorporating beloved pub tropes like wooden floors, the site features a handy “find a pub” tool, integrating with Google Maps for users to find their nearest Wadworth pub on the go.

At the backend, everything integrates with the brewer’s CRM system, allowing them to take applications for job and pub tenant vacancies directly through the site - capturing valuable data along the way.

Simon Verrall of Wisetiger said “Wadworth has been a staple of Britain’s rich pub and ale culture for over a century, and we couldn’t be prouder to have played a part in keeping these rich traditions alive - and reminding younger drinkers that new isn’t always better!”

The website is live now. Visit www.wadworth.co.uk

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