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October 2017


This month’s lead story is "Why you should automate your marketing". We’ll admit it. Using automation does take a bit more effort, and a bit more investment up-front. But not only will your campaigns become more effective, but you will also have significant amounts of additional analytics along the way.  For more insight into the benefits of automated marketing read our blog or get in touch if you'd like to discuss this further.

News from Wisetiger
Magna Housing amalgamated from three separate organisations. Wisetiger unified its online presence, delivering a slicker UI in the process.

Thai Leisure Group has appointed Wisetiger to take a strategic role in driving its digital marketing performance.

Wadworth brewery has launched a new Wisetiger designed and built website, as part of a radical refresh of its brand.

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Stripey the blog from Wisetiger

Measuring bricks with bits: analytics for the real world


WTigerBlogPostImageMeasuringbricksOne of the big advantages of digital marketing is that everything can be measured. And using that data, you can conduct highly targeted marketing based on location, demographics, even individual behaviour on a website. It’s tempting for online marketers to leave the uncertainty of the real world alone entirely. But no matter how digital we get, we are still made of flesh and blood,...

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