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Course management system and integrated website

Responsive website with ‘CentreZone’ login area for admins

Seamless integration with their ORCS Parnassus Course Management platform

Management App development using Symfony PHP framework


The BIIAB provide more than 270 licenced qualifications to the hospitality industry and wanted to adapt to provide modern digital marketing tools to their licensees, training organisations, to meet the changing needs of their sector.

For licensed organisations, they wanted to provide a management system where they could create and manage courses to be promoted through their website. As wells as process and manage bookings on courses, taken through their website. For learners (users of the website) they wanted people to be able to perform simple location based searches and online booking of places. The experience needed to be clear and intuitive with the implementation of a new responsive website where visitors could search for qualifications and courses, order certificates and purchase handbooks and training guides. Additionally they needed a web application for BIIAB staff to use for course management, reporting and financial processing.


At the heart of the operation is a web application built using symfony frameworks. This Course Management application is integrated with ORCS Parnassus – BIIAB’s course qualification and certification system.

BIIAB Symfony Course Management
BIIAB website


The BIIAB website and course management application provide excellent platforms for training centres and learners. Over 400 Centres across 7000 Venues are synced from ORCS to the Course Management system where licensed centres are then able to login and create unlimited courses and immediately promote them on BIIAB’s website. Course bookings are collected into Course Management for processing and management by the training organisations and BIIAB operations staff.

Hosted on Amazon Web Services cloud hosting, the system is setup to be scalable and flexible to cope with the growing demands the licensed training centres.

Learners visiting the website can use the advanced search facility to search for courses or training centres by postcode, then register and book the courses through the website. In the qualifications section of the website, learners can quickly search for the nearest course to them, through more than 7000 venues that are available for booking on the site.

BIIAB also produce a library of Handbooks and Workbooks to accompany the qualifications and courses. These can be purchased through the website either individually by learners or in bulk by training centres.

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