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Brand positioning, website and digital marketing

Repositioning the Guided Knowledge and Dragonfly Golf brands

Beautifully crafted, responsive website targeting Pro Golfers and Coaches

Strong focus on SEO, engagement, data capture and sales enquiries


The Dragonfly Golf system is the world’s most advanced ‘smart suit’ and interactive golf coaching app. Developed by Guided Knowledge, it’s proper clever stuff. Using the camera on a phone, an app measures the precise details of a golfer’s swing through sensors built into a smart suit. The data provides feedback and metrics to give golfers and golf coaches to deliver a competitive sporting edge. 

Wisetiger were engaged to reposition the Guided Knowledge and Dragonfly Golf brands, and to launch a new website and digital marketing programme. The client also wanted a new website with a strong focus on SEO, engagement, data capture and sales enquiries.


Our first task was to evolve the brand positioning. The Guided Knowledge corporate brand had previously taken centre stage, but with the launch of Dragonfly Golf, the emphasis was changed to put the Dragonfly product up front and centre. The repositioning also lays the foundations for future iterations of Dragonfly for baseball and tennis, as well as health and wellness applications. 

Brand positioning has been delivered through visual identity changes, content and the use of subdomains. Subdomains will be important as the Dragonfly brand evolves, so for example the golf brand and content now sits on In time, other subdomains will created for other sports to ensure the right content is delivered to the right audiences, as well as benefits for SEO, ongoing marketing and advertising.

The beautifully crafted, responsive website has been planned, designed and delivered with professional golfers and coaches in mind. Mobile is particularly important for this market, with much of the traffic coming to the website from phone users. Content includes video, reviews, recommendations, news, product information and details about the app. 

One of the key benefits of the site is a focus on driving sales enquiries. There are a range of calls to action which target particular outcomes for specific audiences, ranging from brochure downloads, arranging a demo, callback requests, registering for events, media enquiries and of course email sign-ups for subscribers to receive  updates including product announcements, promotions and pro tips.


“Wisetiger’s smart strategic approach, deep understanding of consumers’ online behaviour, flawless design aesthetic, and their infinite patience to teach me the ins and outs of maintaining a high quality website, made the project a true highlight in developing the brand and our marketing mix.”

Trine Hindklev, Chief Marketing Officer, Guided Knowledge
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