1Life Case Study


Driving membership for one of the UK’s leading leisure operators

Leveraging customer data to drive new membership and increase loyalty

Advanced data capture, sign-up and member login processes

Responsive website integrates with Gladstone MRM+2


1Life is the new name for Leisure Connection – one of the UK’s leading providers of outsourced leisure and fitness services. The company manages more than 50 leisure and arts facilities across the UK including fitness clubs, leisure centres, swimming pools, theatres and arts centres.

Leisure Connection engaged with Wisetiger to review their existing brand, recommend a strategy and implement change. Their key marketing objectives were to drive new memberships, retain existing members, gain new contracts and increase profitability.



Wisetiger’s first undertaking was a Brand Healthcheck which included competitor research, review of existing marketing collateral, website analytics and an SEO audit. We also ran colleague workshops, client interviews and customer surveys.

The key outcome of the Healthcheck was the recommendation of a new name and identity. The ‘1Life’ name was chosen because it puts the individual at the heart of the brand and reinforces the objective of encouraging people to get the most out of life. With the new name came a new logo. Simple, fun, bright and memorable - it’s a standout solution amongst other brands in this sector.


Customer data has always been at the heart of 1Life’s marketing strategy. Their marketing campaigns take place throughout the year and are delivered across a wide range of digital channels supported by tactical printed materials and advertising. Their key objective is to drive participation and loyalty across all levels of health and fitness, ranging from casual ‘pay as you go’ users to fully paid-up members.

Using membership marketing campaigns Wisetiger has helped drive memberships for 1Life by engaging with existing casual users, creating awareness in local communities, re-engaging with lapsed members and retaining existing members. The campaigns feature special membership offers, deals and incentives with everything being measured to ensure what we produce delivers tangible results.

By leveraging customer data 1Life are driving traffic to the website, engaging with their prospects and converting them into members. After joining, members can manage their marketing preferences, interests and fitness goals through the website, which provides useful insight for 1Life to tailor ongoing personalised communication. This ongoing engagement makes members feel valued and helps them to achieve their objectives – creating loyal members who are more likely to recommend a friend.

In the first 5 months following the launch of the 1Life brand, membership increased by more than 400%. 


The 1Life website is a fully responsive website which integrates beautifully with Gladstone’s MRM+2 membership platform. The website has advanced data capture, membership sign-up and member login functionality, with the ability to ‘Book Online’ for users to book and pay for their leisure activities.

Following careful planning and delivery the website is very well indexed with search engines, and though the considered use of campaign and landing pages, relevant content and incentives the website generates high levels of traffic and interest.

In just the first 6 weeks of 2017 the website had nearly 1,000,000 page views.


"Wisetiger has been invaluable with developing the 1Life brand and marketing strategy. The new look has been received brilliantly by customers, clients and colleagues, and the website and membership marketing campaigns have delivered an immediate impact. I'm really pleased."

Neil King, Managing Director, 1Life
Data capture through inbound marketing
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