Everyone Active Case Study

Everyone Active

Driving new membership, retaining existing members

2.2 million new member records with the launch of the Everyone Active card

More than 1 million website views in the first two weeks of January

Improved retention by leveraging customer data to engage existing members


Everyone Active is one of the UK’s leading operators of local authority leisure facilities. They operate 150+ leisure centres and facilities across the UK.

Our initial brief dates back to 2007 when the Everyone Active brand was launched. Wisetiger were instructed to develop an online brand strategy and a new website with an integrated email marketing capability. Our successful engagement developed into the full membership marketing brief – which went on to generate more than 2.2m new members and included the launch of the Everyone Active loyalty card.



The marketing strategy included the ’30-5’ brand proposition – 30 minutes of exercise, 5 times per week – which provided an achievable goal for all members, whilst at the same time supporting the government’s recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week. Initially rolled out in 2008 this proposition underpinned all of our marketing activity, and to this day '30-5' is still the cornerstone of the Everyone Active brand.

To support the 30-5 proposition we created the ’30 Minute Activity Challenge’ – a member marketing campaign focussed on data capture. The campaign included a dedicated website, online and offline marketing, activity planner, downloadable activity cards, incentives and special membership deals.


At the core of the brand was the Everyone Active website which integrated with Gladstone’s MRM membership management platform. The website's advanced functionality included online timetables and a member login area where members could manage their member details, marketing preferences and interests. Each of the leisure centres was effectively a microsite, with content managed centrally for campaigns and general content, with a separate login for centre managers to manage local information, opening times, etc. The website was very well indexed by search engines and included social feeds to improve engagement.


Data capture from website sign-ups and member activity at leisure centres was used to profile members and their behaviour. For example, members attending regularly were rewarded with a gold member card and rewards points that could be exchanged for vouchers. Other members who were attending less frequently were profiled to receive discounts and incentives to encourage them to attend more regularly.

This personalised and relevant marketing helped to drive engagement and loyalty amongst existing members, whilst generating word-of-mouth and awareness to generate new member leads. Being able to leverage customer data allowed 1Life to achieve their marketing objectives by successfully driving new memberships, retaining existing members and increasing revenues.

Wisetiger also supported the digital marketing with traditional printed materials and advertising. As brand guardians we delivered everything from timetables to vehicle graphics, point of sale to corporate branding, signage and uniforms.

In addition to the regular membership marketing campaigns Wisetiger also defined and delivered various other campaigns including the membership launch of Plymouth Life Centre, Basildon Sporting Village and a very successful membership campaign to coincide with the 2012 Games.


"With your help we've managed to generate more than 2 million new members. Far more than we could have imagined when we first started. And the new year campaign that brought us more than a million website views in two weeks? Completely unexpected! And one of our most successful campaigns ever. Very happy with Wisetiger. Thank you."

Neil King, Commercial Director, Everyone Active
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