TMA Case Study

Tobacco Manufacturers Association

Trade association website

Website delivers clear information to target audience

Well indexed website, visitor numbers increasing year on year

Email marketing successfully reaching journalists and academics


The Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association (TMA) is the trade association for tobacco companies that operate in the UK. The key objective of their digital marketing is to represent the views of its members when communicating with the UK Government, the authorities and others on issues of shared interest and concern, including taxation, cigarette smuggling and youth access prevention.

The association asked for an easy to manage and well planned website with the ability to distribute content and updates by email to journalists and academics. The site needed to be informative and professional and well indexed by search engines.


Wisetiger planned and designed the TMA’s website to meet their objectives. The site was defined to include a Media Centre and content which included information such as policy documents and research. Traffic has increased to the website and the content is well indexed by search engines. Our Giraffemail email marketing platform has been put in place to successfully manage communications with journalists and academics.


"The TMA’s main objective was to streamline communications for their stakeholders. The website has facilitated this – the design has made it clearer and easier to navigate, and the CMS allows the website to be updated quickly and easily when required."

Richard Joyce Wisetiger
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