Parmiters School Case Study


School marketing for Parmiter’s academy school

New website designed with prospective and current parents in mind

Integrated features including live calendar, news, and online payment

Highly engaging for current, prospective and past pupils and their parents


Parmiter’s School is a large, partially selective school, which became an academy in 2011. Wisetiger was appointed to develop a good online presence for the school, as well as help attract a high quality of children through the admissions process.  


The new website was designed with prospective and current parents in mind, including admissions information, news, a live calendar with filters, and integration with virtual learning environments and online payment.

The site has received excellent feedback from both prospective and current parents.


"The new website is highly successful in engaging with prospective parents and their children, providing insight and information to existing parents and pupils, and helping the school stay in touch with its alumni."

Andy Shaw, Wisetiger, Managing Director
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