Caeli Nova's new website and brand is a breath fresh air

Caeli Nova (Latin for ‘fresh air’) is an exciting young business founded by experts in aviation and medicine.

Cordillera, their first product to market, is a much anticipated and innovative aircraft passenger oxygen system, designed to overcome the limitations that aircraft experience when operating over challenging and high terrain routes, such as the Himalayas.

With the Cordillera product now tested and certified by EASA, the original website needed to switch its focus from seeking investors to generating leads and attracting new staff. 

Wisetiger worked with Caeli Nova to create new visual brands for both the company and the product; creating illustrations, visual styling, colour palettes and brand identity guidelines. They then built a website that delivers a clear and concise message and guides the visitor through various call-to-actions to receive email updates or to book a presentation, without delivering excessive technical information. 

Working closely with Caeli Nova’s PR firm, the resulting website gives the business credibility in the eyes of both potential clients and employees and ensures they are able to compete with the large organisations that dominate the aircraft interiors and safety market. 

The website encapsulates the vision and values of the company showing them as collaborative, empowering, energising and with a keen focus on excellence. Caeli Nova’s new website can be viewed at


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