Chelsea restaurant, No. 50 Cheyne gets ahead with Seehoo™

The elegant, No 50.Cheyne in the heart of Chelsea is reaping the benefits of Wisetiger with the use of Seehoo™ hospitality marketing platform to provide targeted marketing and overhaul their private dining management.

Seehoo™ has enabled the restaurant to use real-time customer usage and booking data to automate their marketing activities, allowing them to push out personalised rewards and offers to drive up customer loyalty.  With the added use of the Seehoo™ Events module they have also totally overhauled their paper-based private dining and events management, significantly lowering the operating costs associated with this. 

Andy Shaw of Wisetiger says, “Having previously been involved in supporting No.50 Cheyne’s website and digital marketing we were delighted to then help them take their marketing to the next level. By installing Seehoo™ and Seehoo™ Events we have seen them transform their targeted marketing and event bookings and we are thrilled to see them reaping the benefits of these so quickly.”

Visit their website make a booking at this gorgeous Chelsea Restaurant. The whole restaurant or separate parts of it, like the lounge and cocktail bar, can be booked for private parties and events 

To talk to us about how Seehoo™ can transform your restaurant marketing or event management.

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