Magna Housing Comes Together with Wisetiger

Magna Housing amalgamated from three separate organisations. Wisetiger unified its online presence, delivering a slicker UI in the process.

Magna Housing is a not-for-profit housing association offering 8,500 homes to let and 350 for shared ownership in the Dorset and Somerset areas, providing much-needed affordable housing.

In April 2017, Magna Housing amalgamated from Magna Housing Association Limited, Magna West Somerset Housing Association and Magna Housing Group LImited. A corresponding online consolidation was required, which Wisetiger gamely undertook, upgrading the sites to TYPO3 version 7.6 in the process.

Andy Shaw of Wisetiger said, “The Magna amalgamation is great news for affordable housing in Dorset and Somerset, and we’re thrilled to have supported it by bringing the websites together. Tenants now have a single point of call for all their housing needs, and site updates are easier to manage thanks to the CMS upgrade.”

The website is live now, visit

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