Roll out of cookie policy and privacy updates to TYPO3 websites

To comply with the latest guidelines from the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) we are rolling out updates to websites using the TYPO3 CMS, to ensure cookie policies and privacy settings fully comply with the recent changes to GDPR. 

Clients will be contacted and invited to take part in a full review of the existing cookies on their site and given recommendations to ensure compliance. 

Largely, the changes outlined by the ICO will involve: - 

  • Cookie pop-up banner - Sites must have a cookie pop-up with options to accept, reject or customise the cookie and privacy settings.
  • Customised privacy settings - Visitors should be able to ‘Customise settings’ in order to choose their privacy settings.
  • Cookie Policy page - Sites will need a new/amended Cookie Policy page; a template for the Cookie Policy wording and guidance based on the Cookies used on the website.

 The 'Cookie Consent' is managed through TYPO3 and full guidance and instructions for managing cookie policies on an on-going basis we will be provided.

Clients will be contacted and their needs will be reviewed. To talk to us in the meantime about this, please contact us at

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