Analytics, tracking and measurement

Measuring KPI's, reporting data and continuous improvement

The beauty of digital is the ability to view, measure and improve your marketing campaigns – on your website, through your email marketing and on social media.

All marketers need to measure the success of their marketing activity, and this is something that Wisetiger has been helping our clients to do for more than 10 years. Our systems measure and analyse the results of your marketing initiatives and report against your business objectives using key performance indicators. 

Using various web and analytics tools we can measure activity and behaviour across all of your digital marketing and report this against your business objectives, targets and KPIs.

Key areas where we track marketing performance include:

  • Tracking user engagement within your website, emails and on social media
  • Creating automations, personalisation and actions based on user behaviour
  • Adding custom calls to action on your site that will log specific events
  • Logging all the actions your contact makes on your website
  • Making your data actionable and segmenting your database
  • Creating and delivering specific campaigns to your targets
  • Split testing your website content and email marketing campaigns
  • Measuring, reporting and refining your campaigns
  • Measuring and improving your SEO metrics
  • Continuously improving your digital marketing

In marketing, defining success is a critical component to any campaign. At Wisetiger we will work closely with you to meet your business objectives to secure tangible, measurable results through hard-working marketing techniques.

Analytics, tracking and measurement case studies include

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