Lead generation services

Developing strategies to generate new leads

Targeted leads are at the core of successful business development

If you are able to generate enough leads you are on the way to growing your business. For the right product or service Wisetiger can work on a lead generation basis.

Wisetiger will employ all appropriate methods of online and offline marketing and communications to generate targeted leads for your telesales or sales team to follow up and convert into business.

We'll develop a lead generation programme, develop and produce all marketing tools including websites, search engine marketing, direct marketing, advertising etc and integrate your sales team into the communications strategy at key contact points to develop leads into sales.

It’s important to get full collaboration with your sales team to ensure qualified leads aren't wasted and that there is a consistent communication of the message and brand.

Our lead generation programmes are generally paid for by paying a cost per lead. The exact financial structure of the contract will depend on the specifics of your products or services, and the target market and our cost of acquisition.

Some lead generation case studies

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