Web development and integration

Incorporating design, content management and systems integration

With more than 10 years of planning, designing and building websites, we know what we’re doing with web development, content management and online systems integration.

Whether your web site is intended to be a new sales vehicle designed to increase turnover and profits or a tool to support your business operations, Wisetiger will help you define your objectives and keep them at the forefront when developing your website.

Creating your website requires the involvement of a range of specialists in the Wisetiger team including web architects and technical planners, marketing and communications experts, creative designers and UX designers, SEO planners, web developers and programmers and project managers. 

Our websites are developed in open source CMS platforms. Typo3 is an enterprise level development framework with many ready-made modules and the flexibility for bespoke programming and integration with other business process systems. WordPress is deployed for websites where bespoke development isn’t required or where WordPress is more appropriate.

By implementing content marketing strategies alongside your website such as email marketing, SEO marketing and social media, Wisetiger can help your business engage with your prospects, convert them into customers and help retain your existing ones.

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