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Is social media right for business?

Some highlights from the latest Nielsen Social Media Report – relevant reading for anyone involved in online marketing.

Giraffemail and Social Media

Improve email marketing by up to 19%

Many organisations are using social media to reach their audience. Many organisations are using email marketing to reach their audience.  And of course all organisations have a website to attract their audience.

Facebook logo

Ignore online advertising at your peril

Online advertising spend increases 27.5% in the last year – fuelled by a surge in Facebook ad spend Do you advertise online? Well if you don’t, there’s a good chance your competitors

Image of business man holding a Facebook sign

Creating the right impression for Company Pages on Facebook

With more and more companies taking advantage of social networking sites such as Facebook to promote themselves to their fans, it’s becoming clear that creating the right impression on a company page can make the difference between people ‘Liking’ you or not.

Screen grab of Facebook advertising page

Facebook Leads Revitalisation of Digital Display Advertising

This recent story in The Guardian is very interesting, and is a fair reflection of the meteoric rise in social networking projects we are now undertaking for clients. It details how the popularity of Facebook is