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Improve Bounce Rate

How to improve your bounce rate and drive better engagement

What is bounce rate? The bounce rate is the percentage of people who land on your website and immediately move away rather than continuing to interact with the content. This commonly occurs when a website visitor only views a single page and leaves or has a session timeout. This article is aimed at helping you understand the factors involved surrounding the metrics of the…

Improve Product Page Conversions

Increasing Product Page Conversion Rates

Identifying key elements that help sell Product pages are very important as they effectively are your shop window and must display that key information to sell that product.

Getting the most out of site navigation with a Mega Menu

A great way to get the most out of your website Many people have lots of levels on their website and find it difficult to get traffic to those lower level pages without massive bounce rates.

Giraffemail and Social Media

Improve email marketing by up to 19%

Many organisations are using social media to reach their audience. Many organisations are using email marketing to reach their audience.  And of course all organisations have a website to attract their audience.

Website Search Blog Image

Making the most of your search

External search engines With search engine trends changing it affects peoples view on how search engines work. Ideally all website search functions should try to keep up with how the big boys do it.

newsagent window

When is a call to action not a call to action?

There is the one, sure-fire way of rendering your website “calls to action” unnoticeable?