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Driving value from your hotel website using Social Media

The 2014 ShareThis Travel Study has just been published and makes interesting reading for anyone involved in hotel and leisure marketing. ShareThis collected data from its 52 million users recording more than 1.9 billion social posts. Incredibly it found that 10 percent of all shared content was related to the travel, hotel and holiday market – making this sector the most socially shared content on…

What does your site say about you – Time to be Social!

Social media is nothing new to the online industry but still many companies haven’t embraced it fully. There are many platforms to choose from with many ways to Integrate into your site.

Now that’s Pin-Spiration!

Pinterest is a fast growing social network, primarily focused on sharing imagery and videos. Just when you thought there was no more room for a New Social Media – Pinterest still managed to bring something new to the table.

Is social media right for business?

Some highlights from the latest Nielsen Social Media Report – relevant reading for anyone involved in online marketing.

Giraffemail and Social Media

Improve email marketing by up to 19%

Many organisations are using social media to reach their audience. Many organisations are using email marketing to reach their audience.  And of course all organisations have a website to attract their audience.


Getting the business message across using facebook

Interesting article about Airmiles and Facebook. Further evidence (should it be needed!) that social media is a vital part of the relationship between businesses and their customers.

Facebook logo

Ignore online advertising at your peril

Online advertising spend increases 27.5% in the last year – fuelled by a surge in Facebook ad spend Do you advertise online? Well if you don’t, there’s a good chance your competitors

Guide to setting up a business profile on

How to create a Company Page on LinkedIn

How to create a Company Page Profile on LinkedIn Creating a business page on LinkedIn is pretty straightforward. It will take a little bit of time and effort, but it will be worthwhile if the job is done properly.

Image of business man holding a Facebook sign

Creating the right impression for Company Pages on Facebook

With more and more companies taking advantage of social networking sites such as Facebook to promote themselves to their fans, it’s becoming clear that creating the right impression on a company page can make the difference between people ‘Liking’ you or not.

Screen grab of Facebook advertising page

Facebook Leads Revitalisation of Digital Display Advertising

This recent story in The Guardian is very interesting, and is a fair reflection of the meteoric rise in social networking projects we are now undertaking for clients. It details how the popularity of Facebook is