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Responsive Website - Why Mobile 2015

Why Mobile in 2015? – Responsive Design

This will be the final version of my “Why Mobile in……” presentation. I’ve created one of these presentations, around this time of year, for the past 3 years to help explain why it was important to take “mobile” as a channel seriously. The presentations were designed to encourage our clients and to make the jump to a responsive design website sooner than later. I’m…

A hand holding a smart phone with the words 'Why digital content is King for travel brands' on the screen.

Why digital content is King for travel brands

According to Mike Giannotti from Google Travel at the 101 Holidays members’ forum last week, travel companies must grasp the importance of digital content to ensure market share.

Mobile phone with headline of Why Mobile in 2014?

Why Mobile in 2014?

About this time last year I created a presentation to help our clients with some simple and compelling insight into ‘Mobile’ marketing statistics. These stats, I felt, made the reasoning behind developing a mobile website strategy compelling.

10x great examples of school website designs

As part of our regular review of school websites we’ve had a look at some design trends that are taking place in 2013.

It’s a fact – a well designed hotel website increases profit

“Hotels with poorly designed websites will see a drop in profits” warn researchers. A recent article on the Hotelowner website highlights research by the University of Portsmouth which demonstrates a link

What is good web design?

We all have our favourite websites that look cool and trendy – but what does it really take to create a well-designed website?

Time to stop using Arial and Times New Roman on your website

Irritated by Arial? Tired of Times New Roman? Then read on… web fonts just got prettier.

photoshop alternative blog image

Want to manipulate images without buying expensive software?

Try Pixlr a great Firefox add-on Browsers are increasingly becoming more advanced and feature many impressive add-ons that help everyday office work. Pixlr is a great example of this by having many features similar to Photoshop.

UK Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 Fortune Cookies

What’s in the future for cookies?

Or, what do the changes in the U.K. Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 mean to me?

Don’t be Afraid of the Fold

The “fold” is a term often used to describe the point on a web page where users have to scroll  to see more information. In the distant past, before mouse wheels, there was a tendency to squash content above the fold and to try to eradicate scrolling as much as possible. To this day it can still be a concern for those commissioning websites. It…