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Responsive Website - Why Mobile 2015

Why Mobile in 2015? – Responsive Design

This will be the final version of my “Why Mobile in……” presentation. I’ve created one of these presentations, around this time of year, for the past 3 years to help explain why it was important to take “mobile” as a channel seriously. The presentations were designed to encourage our clients and to make the jump to a responsive design website sooner than later. I’m…

Pantone Colour of the Year 2015 Marsala

And the colour to watch out for in 2015 is…

It’s that time of the year again when the world looks forward to what might (or might not) happen next year! As Creative Director one of my pet topics is colour. And as luck would have it the good people at Pantone® have a team of professionals whose business it is to predict colour trends! And it’s big business too. In the world of…

A hand holding a smart phone with the words 'Why digital content is King for travel brands' on the screen.

Why digital content is King for travel brands

According to Mike Giannotti from Google Travel at the 101 Holidays members’ forum last week, travel companies must grasp the importance of digital content to ensure market share.

Mobile phone with headline of Why Mobile in 2014?

Why Mobile in 2014?

About this time last year I created a presentation to help our clients with some simple and compelling insight into ‘Mobile’ marketing statistics. These stats, I felt, made the reasoning behind developing a mobile website strategy compelling.

What is good web design?

We all have our favourite websites that look cool and trendy – but what does it really take to create a well-designed website?

Business Brand Colour Trends for 2012

As we approach the end of the year it’s time to predict some colour trends for the next twelve months. This time last year I predicted that business colour trends for 2011 would be

Image reading Colour Trends 2011

Business Brand Colour Trends for 2011

What colours will be fashionable for business brands in 2011? I’ve blogged previously about marketing and communications during the recent economic downturn.