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Now that’s Pin-Spiration!

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

That's PinSpiration

Pinterest is a fast growing social network, primarily focused on sharing imagery and videos. Just when you thought there was no more room for a New Social Media – Pinterest still managed to bring something new to the table.

Pinterest uses a theme based setup for users to create “Boards” on a particular subject which you can then add related items to. The pin feature is very easy to use and allows you to enter a web address and upload directly from your computer or mobile device. Like other big social media platforms you can feature a Pinterest button on your website which is a must have for sites with an eye catching and vast collection of imagery.

Benefits for businesses?

This is a great tool for promoting your website, you can use your own on-site imagery, or re-pin general Facebook/ Google Plus imagery and videos.

Having a focused area is great for attracting followers because users can choose to follow individually themed boards. This is fantastic for defining your site’s different sections and categories.

You can also browse the site for Inspiration – you’re able to find similar areas to yours – and see what’s HOT and what’s NOT. The better the imagery the more traffic you will receive. In essence, Pinterest is promoting lifestyle imagery that can help define your company’s overall image.

Like other social networking this is another way to increase traffic to your site, and will in turn increase the amount of inbound links, essential for improving SEO.

So don’t get left behind start a Pinterest account today!

Ignore online advertising at your peril

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Facebook logo

Online advertising spend increases 27.5% in the last year – fuelled by a surge in Facebook ad spend

Do you advertise online? Well if you don’t, there’s a good chance your competitors are stealing an unfair advantage. This article in today’s Guardian discusses a 27.5% year-on-year surge in UK online display market – mostly attributed to Facebook – as advertisers leverage social media.

The article is based on the Internet Advertising Bureau’s annual report, compiled by PricewaterhouseCoopers. Headline figures include:

  • UK online display advertising = £945m
  • Total UK advertising spend = £4bn
  • £1 in every £4 spent by UK businesses on advertising is spent online
  • £100m spent on Facebook advertising (a 200% increase year-on-year)
  • Spend on video advertising doubled to £54m
  • Google Adwords accounts for 57% (previously 61%) of all online ad spend
  • UK Adwords spend across all suppliers increased year-on-year by 8% to £2.35bn

We’re managing a range of online advertising opportunities for some of our clients right now. As always, the outcome is highly measurable, and in parallel with organic search engine optimisation and social networking, we’re getting some great results. As we climb out of the recession I suspect we’re going to see online ad spend increase dramatically.

(Update: also worth mentioning, Facebook is on the verge of adding a web search feature. This means Facebook will be looking to have an even bigger slice of internet search…)


Interflora and M&S Adwords battle continues

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Marks & Spencer told to stop using the Interflora name as a search term in Google AdWords

Back in 2009 I posted a blog about Marks & Spencer using the Interflora brand name in paid-for advertising on search engines. At that time, a ruling from Europe’s top court stated that advertisers were free to use their rivals’ trade marks whilst advertising on search engines.

But all this is about to change. The Courts have now sided with Interflora, and subject to a definitive ruling in about two months time, advertisers will not be able to jump on the back of their competitors’ brand names for search engine advertising terms.

This all sounds fair, but watch this space. Trademark law in Europe is in a bit of a pickle right now, with sweeping changes expected in the next few years that will affect businesses large and small across the EU.


Facebook Leads Revitalisation of Digital Display Advertising

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Screen grab of Facebook advertising page

This recent story in The Guardian is very interesting, and is a fair reflection of the meteoric rise in social networking projects we are now undertaking for clients.

It details how the popularity of Facebook is leading a revitalisation of the digital display advertising sector in the UK. A report by the Internet Advertising Bureau found that UK online display advertising grew by 6.4% year on year to £381m in the first half of 2010, an impressive recovery from the 4.4% year-on-year fall in spend in 2009. Digital display advertising accounts for just over 19% of the £1.97bn spent by companies on all UK internet advertising for the period.

Using your competitors’ brand name to get ahead in Google Adwords

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

How ethical is it for Marks & Spencer to use the Interflora as a search term in Google AdWords?

Just take a look at the screen grab above… I did a Google search for ‘Interflora’ and the AdWord results show links for Interflora and for Marks & Spencer. So what I hear you ask?! Well, some people at Interflora are shouting ‘unfair’… and I can see their point!

But it’s all above board. A recent ruling from Europe’s top court states that advertisers are free to use their rivals’ trade marks to bring up their own adverts on search engines. See this interesting article from  Mishcon de Reya – it’s a fascinating read and certainly opens up a can of worms… I doubt this will be the end of this story!