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newsagent window

When is a call to action not a call to action?

When it is surrounded by other calls to action!

Many of us, who work primarily with the Internet, are partial to a “real world” analogy and my local newsagent caught my eye recently.

A barrage of offers is just as confusing for prospects whether they are walking down the street or online.

In the example above, their pricing is actually pretty aggressive but the overall message is lost.

Why not have one message saying “Tesco price match or better on beer and wine” and then position specific offers in the relevant section inside the shop?

Your home page is your shop window and should be treated in the same way.

This means using the links on your homepage to draw your prospects deeper onto your site by addressing their problems (b2b) or desires (b2c) and then placing more specific calls to action there.

If you would like to know more about creating “scent” to maximise the conversions on your website then a good place to start is “Call to action” by Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg (6 years old now but still very relevant).

Richard Joyce

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  • Dom - 12 years ago

    This what im looking for! much appreciated!