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Improve Product Page Conversions

Increasing Product Page Conversion Rates

Identifying key elements that help sell

Product pages are very important as they effectively are your shop window and must display that key information to sell that product.

Price isn’t everything these days as customers like to know timescales, quality of the product and even things like the exact dimensions.

Breaking the screen barrier!

The trouble with online shopping is customers can’t physically see or touch the item you’re selling. This barrier can be broken with good functionality and interaction such as high resolution images featured in a dynamic image viewer with zoom or rotation. The reason why this helps is the more detail you show the more the customer can imagine the product in real life.

Special offers

Of course special offers and discounts will always help sell a product and with increasing customers doing price comparisons any genuine discounts can easily be spotted. Vouchers in directories can also help build up that important confidence in website discounts.

Reviews/ Rating

Reviews are becoming increasingly popular tool for customers to find and choose products. This is not surprising as you have personal experiences from other customers driving the decision to purchase. A product with reviews is more likely to be clicked on in a site search than one that doesn’t the same applies to good and bad reviews.

Lead times

Time-scales are very important when it comes to selling a product. For example if you had two products of a similar price and one has a faster delivery time you would most likely go for the faster delivery item even if it’s slightly more in price.


Producing well written product descriptions can go along way; avoid spelling mistakes and tiny font sizes. Key information is vital; describe such things like what it’s made of, what benefit it produces and any other main features that can improve sales.

Dimensions/ Sizes

Depending on the product of course dimensions are very important whether it be a piece of clothing or a 52” TV. Good accurate measurements can make all the difference even to the point where you visualise the product with each individual measurement overlaid on the image.


Not only do customers like to know how long a product will take to arrive but who is delivering it, can they book a delivery date/ time, can they track the progress and so on. Providing a good service from the website to their door increases return customers.

Top Tips

  • High resolution images showing as much detail as possible
  • Time-scales – what is the lead-time for the item to reach the customer
  • Bullet points or key information describing the product
  • Provide accurate dimensions & measurements
  • Reviews/ Star rating
  • Special offers/ Discounts
  • Delivery / Tracking options
  • Try to include at least three of the above in your site search


Tom Hood

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