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Think with Google: The 2012 Traveler

A fascinating study and report commissioned by Google into the role of the internet in the decisions made by business and leisure travellers.

The 2012 Traveler Report combines research from 5,000 consumers as well as Google’s own search data and provides insights into how leisure and business travellers research and book trips across different web-browsing devices.

Key findings include:

  • Travellers seek value from trusted brands.
  • Business travellers seek convenience.
  • Leisure travellers turn to search engines to plan travel online; business travellers rely more heavily on supplier sites.
  • Travellers increasingly turn to mobile devices to plan and book travel.
  • Most leisure travellers and 70% of affluent travelers begin researching travel online, without a specific destination or mode of travel in mind.

You can view Google’s ‘The 2012 Traveler’ report at Think with Google.

Essential reading for anyone involved in marketing across the leisure and hospitality sector.



Simon Verrall

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