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Mobile phone with headline of Why Mobile in 2014?

Why Mobile in 2014?

About this time last year I created a presentation to help our clients with some simple and compelling insight into ‘Mobile’ marketing statistics. These stats, I felt, made the reasoning behind developing a mobile website strategy compelling.

Last year feels like a very long time ago, and even more so when you review the statistics again. The mobile world is moving fast and I’ve updated the presentation for 2014. Have a look – you’ll find even more hard facts relevant to all of you, as well as compelling reasons as to why you MUST get to grips with mobile this year. ‘Why Mobile in 2014?

If you find yourself thinking that the habits of the ‘Internet user’ aren’t going to change, consider these things too:

Apple has expanded their range to include not one, but two smartphones, as well as already having two versions of their iPad. All of the major Android based manufacturers have similarly increased their ranges. There is clearly a fast developing market for mobile technology. Indeed, Android based devices have taken some market share away from Apple, but as the market has also expanded, there has not been too much of an impact.

Added to that, various News Agencies have started changing their business models to take account of the ‘Rise of the Mobile’ in the last 12 months. CNN, on TV, has been starting to move more towards Current Affairs and Editorial pieces, taking account of the changing habits mobiles are creating. Smartphone users get most of their ‘Breaking News’ on the move now.

Blogs have become more important too. News agencies are expanding their team of traditional journalists with ‘blog journalists’, formerly known as ‘bloggers’. The mobile, or rather the ability to catch up on things from almost everywhere, is increasing the world’s appetite for news and information. Also, with the ease of access, people are becoming more likely to read blogs that are engaging and potentially topic specific than ever before. Think of this just as the way our TV and media consumption has changed in the UK over the last 40 years. We have moved from just three channels and a daily newspaper to the freedom of hundreds of channels and on-demand information and news wherever you may be.

Of course there’s social media too.  Facebook, and the like, really didn’t take off until the ‘mobile’ started to enable it. Now people are more likely to share news and information on social media than in any other way. You’ll find some interesting facts in my presentation about this.

It’s these things that are illustrating why people are using mobiles more and more, and therefore why they will be trying to access your information in the same way. If you can’t make the user experience simple and easy, they’ll probably not bother.  Last year users were likely to wait until they were able to check out your ‘Desktop’ website from elsewhere. Now though, they’re becoming more likely to find an easier to use resource on their mobile.

Here are the key statistics that you should think about, in my quick and easy to read presentation, ‘Why Mobile in 2014?

Andy Shaw

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