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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Building customer confidence

When customers visit your site for the first time they most likely won’t know what service you provide after purchase. Can they rely on you to delivery what you’re selling, can they trust you as a company.

With a growing awareness of security issues, spamming, fraud and so on how do you let the customer know you’re legit? Many techniques can help build a customer’s confidence, one would be ensuring security is visible on your E-commerce site such as the Veri-Sign; another way is showing testimonials from past customers that had a positive experience.


Testimonials can be a quick and easy way of producing great fresh content for your site as well as showing to new customers what service you provide. Building up the confidence in your website is very important and can help improve conversion rates if approached correctly.

Steps for Requests:

  1. Wait for positive feedback from a customer – a closing email could be sent regarding the product or service highlighting the transaction is complete and that you hope they had a pleasant experience with the company.
    Requesting a testimonial when they haven’t given a positive comment yet.
  2. Once positive feedback has been received send an email template stating you have an on-site testimonials page and that you wish to feature the comment with their permission – we recommend asking for their name and product/ service they used as reference.
    Asking them for too much personal information and making it mandatory.
  3. Wait for the customer’s response – if you have the go ahead you have a nice testimonial to feature on your website with links to relevant pages/ products.
    Sending multiple requests for a testimonial if they haven’t responded.
  4. After posting the testimonial on the site respond to the customer with a thank you and that it’s now Live on the website – at this point you can then drop a further request to another form of testimonial such as the or
    Requesting they go on more than one other site to post a comment.


Tom Hood

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