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Improve Bounce Rate

How to improve your bounce rate and drive better engagement

What is bounce rate? The bounce rate is the percentage of people who land on your website and immediately move away rather than continuing to interact with the content. This commonly occurs when a website visitor only views a single page and leaves or has a session timeout. This article is aimed at helping you understand the factors involved surrounding the metrics of the…

Viewing SEO competitors is like measuring different size cups: understand your limits

You might be thinking what a strange title for an SEO blog, but once you finish reading this article it will all make sense. At Wisetiger we believe SEO can be measured in a variety of ways from the size of your site to the more technical aspects such as backlinks & keywords.

SEO Content Planning

Content is for People not just for Search Engines…

This article is focused on giving insights into some interesting findings our Wisetiger SEO Team, part of our Content Service, has found over the last year. It has become clear that content is still a driving factor in getting stronger search results, 

Internal Link Building

Link build your company to success, the internal way

Is your content managed? Many companies use content management systems such as Typo3, WordPress or Xcart to edit their websites. But having a content management system doesn’t always mean the content is Managed well.

Optimising your embedded content - the MicroWay!

Optimising your embedded content – the MicroWay!

If you feature embedded content on your website such as iframes or video’s then you may be missing out on optimising that content. Most embedded elements lack search engine friendly data which gives it 

Improve Product Page Conversions

Increasing Product Page Conversion Rates

Identifying key elements that help sell Product pages are very important as they effectively are your shop window and must display that key information to sell that product.

What does your site say about you – Time to be Social!

Social media is nothing new to the online industry but still many companies haven’t embraced it fully. There are many platforms to choose from with many ways to Integrate into your site.

Now that’s Pin-Spiration!

Pinterest is a fast growing social network, primarily focused on sharing imagery and videos. Just when you thought there was no more room for a New Social Media – Pinterest still managed to bring something new to the table.

404 Error Pages – make the most of your old content

A “404 error page”, often referred to as a “Page Not Found, page”, is what is seen when a visitor to your website reaches a page that no longer exists. If people land on your website using a broken link it’s

Getting the most out of site navigation with a Mega Menu

A great way to get the most out of your website Many people have lots of levels on their website and find it difficult to get traffic to those lower level pages without massive bounce rates.