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Increase your visibility

Increase your visibility – digital marketing tips for Solar Eclipse day

To celebrate Solar Eclipse Day 2015 we’ve been thinking ‘visibility’ – and what this means for digital marketing! Here are some tips and insights for you to ponder as you gaze at the solar eclipse today…

1. Responsive Design

In our previous blog, Wisetiger MD Andy Shaw discussed the importance of responsive design in 2015. Responsive design is becoming increasingly important and not just for ease of use. Google recently announced that from April it will favour websites that are mobile friendly in their search results. There are some compelling mobile stats in Andy’s blog and some smartphone user statistics in this handy infographic.

2. Smartphone Users Infographic

Some handy facts from Google for digital marketers:

Smartphone Usage Infographic

3. Five visibility things to do this Spring

  1. Ensure your website is visible in local and industry related directories.
  2. Make yourself visible on social media platforms to increase your outreach.
  3. Improve your visibility with strong and consistent branding.
  4. Focus on responsive website design, stay visible to mobile users.
  5. Use analytical data to review your visibility and how to grow it further.

4. Top five web analytics for stellar customer insight!

  1. Conversion Rate – Everyone is going to ask you about it. So it’s a good place to start!
  2. Days and Visits to Engagement – How long is it taking your visitors to interact with you? How can you speed it up?
  3. Cost per Acquisition – How much is your website costing you per lead or customer?
  4. Visits < 10 seconds in Length – Are any of your landing pages getting the wrong traffic or giving the wrong message?
  5. Task Completion Rate – What percentage of visitors completed what they wanted to do / discover?

Don’t forget! If the sun is your target audience, Google Analytics are the glasses to help you see it more clearly!

Get in touch with Wisetiger if your business needs to increase its visibility through digital marketing.

Simon Verrall

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