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Getting the most out of site navigation with a Mega Menu

A great way to get the most out of your website

Many people have lots of levels on their website and find it difficult to get traffic to those lower level pages without massive bounce rates.

With a stylish mega menu you can provide all your sites levels on every page. This type of menu will cut the number of search click-through and help your traffic directly find what they’re looking for in the navigation. The best way to display the menu drop down is to use stylish “mouse over” functionality.

Drop down menu’s: “Almost consider it an extra site map for the front end of your website.” WiseTiger

Any down sides?

People worry this sort of menu can damage there SEO but as long as you provide all your links as readable text with alt tags then there is no need to worry, in most cases it does very well in search engine optimisation.

Other concerns:

  1. The mega menu can cover a large area of content if you were to accidentally hover over the menu.
    * A way to improve upon this is to make sure the height is not too great to accommodate smaller screens. This can be done by using the width as much as possible and making sure the font size is not too big.
  2. Skipping important information by jumping to a subpage i.e. click straight to “Request a call” – skipping “Contact us” page which contains a phone number they could of used.
    * In most cases this can easily be avoided by making sure your sub pages contain all key information relating to the parent page.

Top Tips:

  • Don’t have too many links. Not all sub pages need to be in the navigation.
  • Target main keywords for your menu titles.
  • Don’t have too many levels on your menu, one or two is plenty. Three maximum.
  • Good to colour code or style the menu to the rest of the site – could also use different colours for different sections.
  • Customise your mega menu with different layouts for different sections as well as adding imagery as well as text.


Here’s a recent example of a website we’ve produced for Amazing Retreats which is has a excellent example of a Mega Menu. >>

Tom Hood

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