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Viewing SEO competitors is like measuring different size cups: understand your limits

You might be thinking what a strange title for an SEO blog, but once you finish reading this article it will all make sense. At Wisetiger we believe SEO can be measured in a variety of ways from the size of your site to the more technical aspects such as backlinks & keywords. With so many ways to analyse a website, we have a process that can help you understand where you are in a market and how Wisetiger can help you grow in the future.

Knowing your goals

Any SEO strategy should be based on delivering goals whether they’re 3, 6 or 12 months. Different strategies will determine different approaches to acquiring a particular goal. For example if you wish to increase the amount of calls you receive in the local area: we may use pay per click campaigns or suggest a new section targeting region that also features Micro Data or Google maps. Working with your SEO company is as important as working with a marketing company, the more we understand about your goals the more chance we have of helping you achieve them.

Knowing your competitors

The key element of competitive analysis is understanding your place within any market. Imagine a large company such as Coca Cola being the largest cup and a lemonade stand being the smallest:

Competitor Cups

“The size of the cup is determined by these key points: brand awareness, the amount of content generated, quality of SEO, frequency of fresh content, social media exposure & inbound links.”

Our SEO approach aims to fill the cup with as many links, optimised content & clean site structures as possible to help it grow in size. It’s important to understand though that SEO is one piece of the puzzle and requires all aspects outlined in the paragraph above. For example if you’re not contributing to creating new content, news or social media posts it will cause external SEO to reach a limit of effectiveness.

Look at it this way, if you have a half pint cup and your competitor has a one pint cup, you simply can’t hold as much volume as them. And if you try to pour a pints worth of SEO into a half pint cup, only results in overflow and wasted efforts.

Here’s where the analogy comes in to play. If you wish to compete in search results with a competitor that has more content, better links & more recognised branding: you will need a similar amount of content, quality links and strong brand awareness to compete with them in the online world.

How we increase the size of your cup

By reviewing your area of expertise in relation to competitors and search in general. Wisetiger can help define a strategy to help you increase the size of your cup by doing the following:

  • Build new sections of the website targeting new or existing search terms
  • Deliver external link building that’s natural and SEO friendly
  • Consult on social media approaches to give visitors the best user experience
  • Expand the websites content with regular news & promotions
  • Increase the brand awareness so you’re seen as a competitor in your target market


The key to successful SEO is for the campaign to grow the size of your cup, using content to become equal or bigger than your competitors. All the while, being better optimised along the way.

To do this:

  • Understand your market and where your place is within that online & offline
  • Avoid competing with large brands by chasing keywords that won’t deliver the success you think they will
  • Know the size of your website (cup) in terms of SEO and use goals to increase the overall strategy

Wisetiger can gauge these aspects of your business and help you reach those goals to compete at the level your company is driving towards.

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Tom Hood

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